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Bachelor of Science Degree in Music Education
Do I want to teach in the elementary or secondary public schools?...
Do I want to be a music education professor at the college level and help others learn how to teach?...

The Bachelor of Science degree in Music Education is a professional degree for students who are interested in teaching music in K-12 schools. This program is an intense study of music and education that culminates in state certification as a teacher of music. In addition to private study on their principle instrument and participation in ensembles, students complete the music theory, history and literature sequences, and take a variety of music education courses that include study in instrumental, choral and general music for all grade levels. The music education faculty at USF take a progressive approach to teaching in the schools, acknowledging that the musical world outside the schools has changed drastically, and will continue to change in the near future. Admission into the BS in music education program requires an audition on your major instrument. Clicking on the document and scrolling to the bottom of the page reveals the BS in Music Education's page in the USF Undergraduate Catalog. Information on these pages includes the prerequisites for the program (which include three classes that are prerequisites for all education majors), as well as information on degree requirements, courses, and end-of-year requirements. Click here to see the requirements to becoming an educator in the state of Florida. To teach at the college level,
it is recommended that you earn the bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees in Music Education and have 5 years of teaching experience in the elementary and/or secondary schools.

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