Composition & Electronic Music Studio

2018 USF New Music Festival & Symposium

USF 2018 USF New-Music Festival and Symposium

April 6-7, 2018


University of South Florida

School of Music

Tampa, FL USA

The selection panels and programming committee for the 2018 USF New-Music Festival and Symposium reviewed 380 submissions from 21 countries. The selected composers and scholars will be visiting USF for the 3rd Biennial International New Music Festival and Symposium!






Thursday April 5

7:30pm – Terroir New Music Concert

This is a special "kick off" event organized by Terroir New Music. This concert will feature local musicians and composers performing new music at a local craft beer bar called c. 1949 ( This concert will not include any of the works selected for the festival. This will be an outdoor event. Terroir is a local organization started by two USF composition alumni, Susanna Hancock and Tyler Kline, both of whom happen to be former presidents of the New-Music Consortium. Their organization pairs local composers and performers with brewers and chefs to create a unique dining/drinking and music experience. This is an all ages event.

Featured Composers

Jeremy Adams, Zach Hale , Sean Hamilton, G. Blake Harrison-Lane, Tyler Kline
Aaron Lepley, Paul Lewis, Bradley Mikesell II, Chace Williams, Robert Morris



Friday April 6



9:30am – 11:30am – Research Presentations 1 (CONFERENCE CENTER)


        9:30am: Anthony Donofrio

                    Literature as a Structural Influence in Non-Programmatic and Non-Linear Composition

        10:00am: Thomas Yee

            When Music Speaks — a Communicative Model of Musical Meaning

10:30am: Victor Agudelo

            Whites, Blacks and Mulatas Volume 1 and 2

11:00am: Sunny Knable

            The Language of Allusion in Adès’ "Arcadiana"



1:00pm – Concert 1 (Barness Recital Hall)


Featured Composers

Derek Jenkins, Andrew Sigler, Richard Pressley, Christine Burke

Nathaniel Haering, Andrew Hannon, Jacob Sudol, Vera Ivanova


Featured Performers

Eunmi Ko, Jason Calloway, Douglas O’Connor, Songeaters, Valeria Frege,

Erol Oszever, Kenneth Cox, Strings and Hammers, NMC Chamber Ensemble


3:00pm -  5:00pm – Research Presentations 2 (CONFERENCE CENTER)


3:00pm: Melody Chua and Benjamin Whiting

            Chaosflöte: The future of sensor-augmented instruments and interdisciplinary performance

3:30pm: Derek Tywoniuk

            Julius Eastman: Performing Otherness as Cultural Intervention

4:00pm: Elizabeth Hambleton

            Demystifying Hurel’s Lecon de choses: A multi-pronged approach to electroacoustic analysis

4:30pm: Bradley Green

            Formal and Aural Implications of Open Form in Earle Brown's String Quartet (1965)


6:00pm – 7:15pm – Sisyphus in Situ by Paul Koonce (IRH – MUS 140)


            This is a nine-minute work that will be performed repeatedly for a small audience. Audience     members will be ushered into the performance space in small groups between each    performance.


            Program Notes by Paul Koonce:

            Sisyphus in Situ is my second composition realized using wave field synthesis. The work uses 24 channels of sound to present the classic tale of Sisyphus. In the piece, we don’t see Sisyphus, but rather hear him through wobbling sounds selected to depict the step-by-step ascent of the heavy boulder, as it is pushed up the hill. A central synthesis technique in the piece uses sound analysis data to automate the selection of other sounds, chosen so as to reinforce and build upon the resonances and spectral form of the wobbles with which they synchronize. I imagine this process of orchestration as        inscriptional, as it uses each driving sound to grow coincident sound events ranging from highlighted resonances, spread across the space’s background field, to foregrounded gestural extrapolations and the antiphonies they inspire. I like to think that this range of sound somehow parallels Sisyphus’ experience, as it repeatedly shifts between the intimacy of his studied task and the dramatic erasure of its completion, once the boulder meets its fall.


7:30pm – Concert 2 (Barness Recital Hall)


Featured Composers

Steven Rice, Roberto Brambilla, Tyler Kline, David Werfelmann, David Liptak

Allan Schindler, Jorge Variego, Matthew Shreibeis, Brett Copeland, Chin Ting Chan


Featured Performers

NMC Chamber Ensemble directed by Matthew Kennedy, Strings and Hammers,

Dieter Hennings, Songeaters, Brett Copeland, Douglass O’Connor, Corey Holt Merenda




Saturday April 7



9:00am  – 11:00am – Research Presentations 3 (CONFERENCE CENTER)


9:00am: Steven Rice

            Tonality and Scale in the Music of Peter Maxwell Davies

9:30am: Joshua Mailman

            Process philosophy overcoming itself: Modeling Grisey’s Vortex Temporum

10:00am: Matthew Barber

            Prolongation in Equal and Microtonal Temperaments

10:30am: Marie Jocelyn Marfil

            On the Research Process Behind “Padayag” (“Expression”): A Composition for Western Orchestra and   Filipino Indigenous Instruments



11:30am – Concert 3 (Barness Recital Hall)


Featured Composers

John Liberatore, Seunghee Lee, Aaron Alter, Osnat Netzer

Kyle Rowan, Weijun Chen,

University of Tennessee Electroacoustic Ensemble (UTEE)


Featured Performers

UTEE, Songeaters, Douglas O’Connor, Corey Holt Merenda,

Strings and Hammers, USF Flute Quartet directed by Kim McCormick,

NMC Chamber Ensemble directed by Matthew Kennedy



4:00pm – Concert 4 (Barness Recital Hall)


Featured Composers

Benjamin Whiting, Melody Chua, Eric Lyon, Lansing McLoskey, Rodrigo Bussad Cesar,

Stephen Downing, Richard Becker, Robert Morris, Meredith Gilna


Featured Performers

NMC Chamber Ensemble directed by Matthew Kennedy,

Doris Wylee-Becker, USF Trombone Ensemble directed by Tom Brantley,

Richard Becker, Melody Chua, Douglas O’Connor, Kyle Hutchins,

Kevin Von Kampen, Alex Ravitz


7:30pm – Concert 5 (USF Concert Hall)


Featured Composers

David Liptak, Jarkko Hartikainen, Emily Koh, Christopher Dietz


Featured Performers

McCormick Percussion Group

Robert McCormick, director

Eunmi Ko and Sini Virtanen, soloists