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Audition Information

2018 USF Summer Colorguard Camp

Audition Requirements

All Color Guard campers are required to audition on Sunday, June 24, 2018 during their assigned time. Please be sure to check the website for your assigned time and be sure you are early. Signage will be posted throughout the USF School of Music directing you to the audition room. Details regarding your audition requirements are as follows:

A. You may choose your own song, or use a chart that you have previously performed with for your high school marching or indoor guard show.

B. You can design your own original work, or you can use work from your previous high school marching or indoor guard show.

C. Your audition must include a minimum of one piece of equipment (Flag, Rifle, Sabre). Campers also have the option to audition in multiple areas should you so choose.

D. Dance can be included with your audition, but it is not required.

E. Audition material should last a minimum of 90 seconds and no longer than two minutes. If you are auditioning in multiple areas of equipment, you are permitted an additional 45 seconds.

As you prepare your audition, remember that you want to demonstrate to us your strongest area(s) both from a technical and performance standpoint. DO NOT PANIC! These auditions are only used to assess how our final production will be choreographed. You are coming to camp to learn and have fun! Campers should dress appropriately for their audition.

Note: Campers must provide their own music. Please be sure to bring a digital copy with you to your audition (iPhone, iPod, etc.). CD’s will not work and internet access cannot be guaranteed (music should not be streamed, only hard copies on your electronic device).


All campers must bring their own Flag, Rifle, and Sabre. USF will not provide this equipment. Please be sure check the camp handbook for more details related to equipment requirements.

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