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USF Composition in Asia International Symposium and Festival

January 18-21, 2018

With this Symposium and Festival, the University of South Florida College of The Arts, School of Music, along with USF World, the USF Office of Research and Innovation, and the Yunnan University College of Arts, celebrates the advent of composition throughout Asia since the beginning of the twentieth century. We hope to focus on composers and the concept of composition in China, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, India, Central Asia, Russia, the Middle East, and other portions of the Asian continent through a combination of scholarly paper sessions, presentations by composers, and concerts. All proposals related to the topic of Composition In Asia are welcome, and some of the areas of emphasis will include:

  1. The contributions of Asian composers to the world of 20th-21st century music. While Western music history surveys continue to focus on European and American composers, people throughout Asia have also been actively composing. What have they accomplished that deserves recognition within the spectrum of 20th-21st century music?

  2. The access of European/American scores and recordings within a particular Asian country (due to government censorship, etc.).

  3. The music imported from foreign countries (for example, European music available within China) that a particular composer has been most (and least) attracted to.

  4. Composers who have studied musical traditions indigenous to Asia, and incorporated indigenous ideas along with Western ones in their music.

  5. The impact of social, political, and cultural factors upon Asian composers.

  6. The reception of their music, both within their native country and in foreign countries.

Keynote Presenters

The keynote presenters for this conference include:
  • Kyong Mee Choi, Associate Professor of Composition, Roosevelt University, Chicago.
  • Reena Esmail, DMA candidate at Yale University, New Haven.
  • Pei Lu, Professor of Composition, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, China.
  • [Additional keynote speakers may be added.]

Paper and Composer Presentation Screening Committee

All paper and composer presentation submissions will be reviewed by a screening committee consisting of the following people:
  • Hui Yu, Dean of the College of Arts, Yunnan University, China.
  • Kyong Mee Choi, Associate Professor of Composition, Roosevelt University.
  • Craig Parker, Associate Professor of Musicology, Kansas State University.
  • John O. Robison, Professor of Musicology, University of South Florida.
  • Ya-Hui Cheng, Assistant Professor of Theory, University of South Florida.
  • Baljinder Sekhon, Assistant Professor of Composition, University of South Florida.

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