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3 Days, 5 Concerts, and 25 Composers for the 2014 New-Music Festival
The USF New-Music Consortium and Composition Program, in conjunction with several performance studios, will be presenting five concerts of new music during a three-day festival, Feb. 13-15, 2014. In addition, the festival will include lectures by several of the visiting composers and by the principal Guest Composer Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon, Chair of Composition, Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester.

The goal of the festival is to “increase the international presence of the USF School of Music and to provide networking and learning opportunities for students and faculty through the direct engagement with first-rate artists while exposing students to the diversity of new works being created around the world” said Dr. Baljinder Sekhon, visiting assistant professor of composition and director of the festival.

“This festival has already provided much national and international exposure for the School of Music and will demonstrate a diverse collection of musical styles, approaches, and thought from around the world,” he added.

During the fall of 2013, the New-Music Consortium held an international call for scores to select works for performance and composers for participation in the New-Music Festival, and received a response of more than 200 submissions from 20 countries. School of Music students and faculty spent nearly two months reviewing the works and ultimately selected 25 works for inclusion on the festival. All composers of the selected works will be in attendance. The selected composers range from distinguished professors to freelance composers to graduate students at top conservatories. The selected works range from interactive electronic music to choral works to solo pieces. Program information for each of the concerts can be found below.

This festival is a school-wide collaboration. Several USF ensembles and faculty soloists will be featured during the festival. These include the USF Chamber Singers, directed by James Bass; the USF Trombone Ensemble, with soloist and director Tom Brantley; the USF Clarinet Choir, directed by Calvin Falwell; the USF Percussion Ensemble, directed by Robert McCormick; the USF President’s Trio; and the New-Music Consortium, directed by Baljinder Sekhon.

In addition to the guest composers and USF faculty/student performers, several faculty performers and composition students from other universities will also be attending the festival. These include performers from the University of Miami, University of Central Florida, Florida State University, and the University of Missouri, Kansas City.

A full list of selected composers can be viewed here.

Read more about USF's New-Music Consortium.


SYCOM at the CAM – Thursday February 13, 6:00 PM – USF CAM
This event will take place at the USF Contemporary Art Museum and will feature USF student composers performing live experimental electronic pieces that they are creating as a reaction to the exhibit there.

Concert 1 – Friday February 14, 1:00PM – Barness Recital Hall
Voices, Sounds, and Open Pages

E Poi, solo sfiorandole……….Federico Bonacossa
Federico Bonacossa, guitar and electronics
[guest performer]

Kinds of Light and Empty Spaces……..Daniel Harrison
Erica Barden, flute; Kevin Van Kampen, percussion;
Greg DePaula, cello; Ekaterina Capatdes, piano
[USF student performers]

Figurations……….Mei-Fang Lin
[electronic playback]

Bob’s Party……..Michael Boyd
Joey Bourdeau, percussion; Josh Paul, voice;
Drew Prichard, tuba; Noah Redstone, oboe
[USF student performers]

Living as Tic (dance music 16)……….Jaeseong You and Yoomee Baek
[electronic playback]

The Suffering Servant……….Ryan Keebaugh
USF Chamber Singers; James Bass, director

O sacrum convivium……….Jason Bahr
USF Chamber Singers; James Bass, director

Concert 2 – Friday February 14, 7:30PM – Barness Recital Hall
Keyboards, Strings, and two Winds

Diffusion One……….Daniel Adams
McCormick Percussion Group; Robert McCormick, director

Waiting for the Dawn……….Tatev Amiryan
Tatev Amiryan, piano
[guest performer]

Atlas Telamon……….Ryan Maguire
Agnes Kline, cello
[USF student performer]

Yeoubi……….YoungWoo Yoo
SunKyeong Kim, piano
[USF student performer]

Blur……….Lansing McKloskey
Dale Underwood, saxophone; Margaret Donaghue, clarinet
[Guest Performers from University of Miami]

Jácaras……….Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon
USF President’s Trio
Christina Adams, violin; Mikel Thomas, cello; Kevin Wu, piano

Concert 3 – Saturday February 15, 1:00PM – Barness Recital Hall
Brantley, Falwell, Merenda, and McCormick!

Petrichor……….Alex Cooke
USF Clarinet Choir; Calvin Falwell, director

Quartet for Mallets……….Chihchun Chi-sun Lee
McCormick Percussion Group; Robert McCormick, director

Mesopherics……….Andrew McManus
[electronic playback]

Nemo Sleeps……….John Liberatore
Corey Holt Merenda, piano
[guest performer]

Reconnections……….Kyle Rowan
Calvin Falwell, clarinet
[USF faculty performer]

Whiskey Powered Tyrannosaurus Rex……….Arsid Ketjuntra
Corey Merenda, piano; Tom Brantley, trombone
[guest performer and USF faculty performer]

Concert 4 – Saturday February 15, 7:30PM – USF Concert Hall
Dissolving Borders

DongXi DongXi……….Michael Timpson
McCormick Percussion group, Robert McCormick, director;
Haiqiong Deng, zheng
[guest soloist]

A Letter……….Sun Mi Ro
[guest performers from University of Central Florida]

Crystal……….Pierluigi Tanzi
McCormick Percussion Group, Robert McCormick, director

Legacy: In Memoriam Reginald Fink……….Mark Phillips
I.    Elegy
II.    Etude
USF Trombone Ensemble; Tom Brantley, soloist

Páramo……….Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon
Baljinder Sekhon, conductor
David Le, flute; Alex Ravitz, clarinet; Amanda Raber, violin;
Michael Amos, cello; Corey Merenda, piano;
Christopher Herman and Daniel Dau, percussion
[USF student and guest performers]