ATT: Bryan Braue

School of Music

University of South Florida

4202 East Fowler Ave., MUS 101

Tampa, FL 33620


(813) 974-3668


Music Education interview information
There is evidence to suggest that, in addition to excellent musicianship skills, one of the most important characteristics of a successful music educator is an outgoing, positive personality.

The Music Education faculty at the University of South Florida are interested in experiencing aspects of each applicant's personality. There are two main goals for the interview, a) so that you can get a sense for the music education program at USF and allow you to meet the music education faculty, and b) so that the faculty can get an idea of your potential strengths and weaknesses as a future music educator.

During a 5-7 minute interview we would like you to do the following five tasks:
  1. Select a song, and depending on which is most appropriate, sing a verse or chorus, OR rap a verse, OR beatbox a verse. A section of your favorite popular song would be best!
  2. Tell a joke.
  3. Tell us what musical activities in which you are involved beyond the instrument on which you auditioned.
  4. Tell us about any teaching experiences, musical or non-musical, you may have had.
  5. Briefly present one idea for a different type of music class in which high school students not in band, choir or orchestra might be interested (feel free to think as far out of the box as you wish!).

Just as with your performance audition, you should come into the music education interview prepared. You should be ready to sing a song you have selected and practiced - singing out with your best voice! You should tell your joke in an upbeat and convincing way. And then be ready to talk about your musical activities, teaching experiences and class ideas as if you are a teacher giving your students important information!

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