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About the New Music Consortium

The New Music Consortium is a student-run organization, based in the Music Composition Department at University of South Florida’s School of Music. The goal of the New-Music Consortium is to produce concerts of contemporary music at the University of South Florida and throughout the local community. All concerts produced by the NMC are free of charge, and feature acoustic and electronic compositions that are not typically programmed in the Tampa Bay area.

Programs of music produced by the NMC are exciting and diverse. In 2012, the NMC launched an international call for scores which received more than 200 submissions from over 20 different countries. This past year (2013/14), the NMC held a call for scores for their 2014 New Music Festival. The three-day festival featured several concerts of music comprised entirely of works by living composers and took place on the USF campus February 13-14.

The NMC has also programmed works by many prominent composers of the last century, including Andriessen, Cage, Feldman, Henze, Ligeti, Lucier, Reich, Stockhausen, and Wuorinen. In addition, the NMC regularly programs works by rising young composers, such as Paul Coleman, Marissa DiPronio, Vincent Euliano, Chin Ting Chan, and Nina C. Young. During the spring of 2011, the NMC hosted guest composer Robert Morris and presented two performances of his hour-long outdoor work ORACLE at Tampa’s Lettuce Lake Park.

Our organization strongly encourages a sense of community involvement and many works programmed on our concerts are selected from proposals submitted by USF faculty and students, as well as members of the Tampa Bay community. The New-Music Consortium typically recruits performers from the USF School of Music, but also utilizes musicians of high caliber from the Tampa Bay area and those supplied by visiting composers. We enjoy producing programs in typical concert venues, as well as the strange or unusual.

For 2021 International Call for Scores information:

Who We Are

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Eunmi Ko

2020/21 Board of Officers 
President: Joshua Mallard
Vice President: Alex Shanafelt
Treasurer: Han Hitchen
Secretary & Personnel Manager: TBD
PR Director: TBD
PR Assistant: TBD
Technical Director: TBD
Logistics and Staging Coordinator: TBD
Librarian: TBD
Historian: TBD
Production Board Leader: TBD

2019/20 Board of Officers

President/Treasurer - Kyle Brown (MM ’21)

Vice-President – Bradley Mikesell (BM ’20)

Secretary – Alexander Shanafelt (MM ’21)

Personnel Manager – Zulfiia Tursunova (MM '21)

P.R. Director – Benjamin Koller (BM ’21)

Technical Director  – Joshua Mallard (BM'21)

Librarian – Hyoeun Ahn (MM ’21)

Historian – Han Hitchen (BM ’21)

Production Board Leader – Benjamin Koller (BM'21)

2014/15 Board of Officers
Tyler Kline (MM '15, composition) - President, Treasurer, Personnel Manager
Sean Hamilton (MM '15, percussion) - Vice President, Public Relations Director
Paul Lewis (BM '16, composition) - Historian
Kevin Von Kampen (MM '15, percussion) - Logistics Coordinator, Equipment Manager
Alex Ravitz (MM '15, clarinet) - Librarian, Secretary
Vincent Euliano (MM '15, composition) - Technical Director, Production Board Leader

2013/14 Board of Officers

Susanna Hancock (BM '14, composition) -  President
Nathan Corder (BM '14, composition) - Vice President/Librarian
Michael Frazier (BM '14, composition) - Personnel Manager
Jeremy Adams (MM '14, composition) - P.R. Director
Agnes Kline (BM '14, music ed.) - Historian
Vincent Euliano (MM '15, composition) - Technical Director, Production Board Leader

New-Music Consortium at Lettuce Lake Park (Tampa, FL)
ORACLE by guest composer Robert Morris