Music Production
Recital Hall Reservation Form for Student Recitals
Recital Requests for Spring 2017 will be accepted beginning November 15, 2016.

Recital Hall Reservation Requests for Student Recitals must be signed by your studio teacher and your accompanist. Forms cannot be submitted online.  Click HERE to download the form, which must be completed and brought to the Production Specialist to book your recital.

There is a $50.00 Student Recital Fee that must be paid if you wish to use Barness Recital Hall for your recital.  The Choral Rehearsal Hall and the Instrumental Rehearsal Hall can be used free of charge.  After your request form is proceesed, your recital will appear on the MUS Room Schedules calendar, and you will receive an email that confirms the date and time, and gives you payment instructions (if applicable).

It is strongly recommended that you submit your form for a Spring recital before the end of finals week of the Fall Semester.

  • Check the Lewis and Enid Barness Recital Hall calendar, or for other venues check the MUS Room Schedules. Recitals must be completed before the Reading Days at the end of each semester.  The last day for student recitals in the coming spring semester is Wednesday, April 26.  Students who cannot give their recitals by this date must wait until the Summer A semester to do so, which starts on Monday, May 15. Also, recitals cannot occur on Sunday, April 16.
  • Consult with your Studio Teacher and Accompanist prior to selecting possible dates.
  • Choose three potential rehearsal dates and three potential recital dates.
  • To reserve the hall, you must timestamp your completed form with all signatures present using the punch clock in the Music Office, and place the form in the mailbox outside of the Production Specialist's office, MUS 101I.
  • Recitals are prioritized depending on several factors, including the date the form was submitted, the requested date of the performance, and the seniority or the student. Recitals for degree completion are prioritized over all other requests.

  • One Dress Rehearsal in the Recital Hall will be permitted per recital
  • All Recitals and Dress Rehearsals must be completed within 90 minutes of the performance start time.
  • In addition to a Dress Rehearsal, you will be given at least 30 minutes to prepare in the hall before your recital. 
  • Juniors should perform Dual Recitals with another student. This increases the audience size, adds variety to the recital, and increases the availability of the hall for everybody. Juniors are only allowed to perform a solo recital when they are instructed to do so by their studio teacher, or for other extenuating circumstances.
  • Be sure to check classes, concerts, and rehearsals that may present a conflict for you, your accompanist/other performers, your teacher, or your audience before submitting a form.
  • Every Student Recital is staffed with a School of Music Assistant who will help with the house announcement, lighting, recording, and stage entrances/changes.
  • After your recital, you may retrieve your recording by emailing to download the file.
  • The audio/video recording in the Recital Hall is archival quality.  If you want a professional quality product, you should consider hiring a professional.
  • There is no food or drink allowed in the recital hall, with the exception of bottled water. This includes the backstage areas!