Music Production
Recital Hall Request Form for Student Recordings
USF School of Music students are allowed to use Barness Recital Hall for recording. There is a $25.00 charge to use the facility for two hours. This covers the costs of piano tuning, equipment maintenance and repair, and other various expenses.

This is a reduced cost that only applies to current School of Music Students.  If you are not a current School of Music student, please contact (813) 974-2321 to inquire about reservations and pricing.


1.  Check the schedule for Barness Recital Hall (linked), and fill out the form below.  
2.  Forms must be submitted one week prior to your reservation.
3.  You will receive a confirmation email prior to your recording with a link that will direct you to a site to submit payment.
4.  You must print the payment confirmation page and bring it to MUS 101G two days prior to your recording to retain your reservation.  
5.  Failure to provide proof of payment will result in the loss of your reservation/recording time.

Once payment is submitted, no refunds will be given. If circumstances prevent you from recording at your reserved time, Music Production will attempt to reschedule your recording as long as notification is given one day prior to you reservation. Rescheduling is contingent on various circumstances and is not guaranteed. 

If you have questions about this process please contact 
Michael Dwyer