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Graduate Assistantship Application

Completely fill out this Graduate Assistantship Application Form if you wish to apply for a graduate assistantship for the 2010-2011 academic year. It is recomended that you submit your application by March 15 in order to receive full consideration. Occasionally the School of Music needs to fill assistantship positions during the academic year; so, those students who were not originally appointed could possibly be considered at a later date, if they have a completed application on file in the School of Music office.

A graduate assistantship application will not be considered unless the student has been approved by the music faculty for admission to the degree program. Before submitting this form, it is highly recommended, that students make contact with faculty in their area of interest to determine the need for graduate assistantships in that area, and to possibly obtain faculty support for the application.

Areas of interest for assistantship (check all that apply):

Music Theory Jazz Studies Testing/Grading
Research Desktop Publishing
Web DesignOther Other

email Dr. Hayden with any questions: