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School of Music

University of South Florida

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Financial Aid

College Scholarships
All incoming students auditioning for School of Music admission, who perform during select audition dates (listed on the How to Apply & Audition page), will be automatically considered for scholarships based on the level of performance exhibited during their audition. Certain scholarships pertain only to a certain instrument. For example, the "Marjorie Roe Endowed Scholarship in Cello" can not be awarded to a voice student. They also can not be transferred or continued if the auditioner is awarded a scholarship and then later changes their major, or their major instrument. Scholarship continuation is dependent upon continued admission to the School of Music. Dropping out will end an awarded scholarship, so don't stop, don't drop. For a list of all 70+ scholarships that the College of The Arts offers to it's schools, please click here. For more detailed information please visit the USF Financial Aid website.

University Scholarships and Financial Aid
Financial aid goes beyond just music scholarships. Explore all financial aid options through the University Scholarships & Financial Aid Services. Follow this link to search and apply for financial aid from USF, get college cost calculators, file your FAFSA or contact your Financial Aid officer.

Freshman Non-Florida Resident Scholarships
This link will provide prospective, out-of-state students with direct access to information about scholarships and grants available specifically for non-Florida residents. These sources are most often academically based, but talent can be a consideration, all other things being equal. School of Music faculty will submit letters of endorsement in such cases after talent level has been determined.