About the School
John Robison

Collegium Musicum Director
Professor of Musicology
Phone: (813) 974-2311
Email: robison@usf.edu

Professor of Musicology and Director of Early Music Ensembles, plays plucked string, bowed string, and woodwind instruments. He has performed nationally and internationally on solo Renaissance lute, viola da gamba, Renaissance and Baroque recorders, Renaissance winds (shawm, rackett, curtal, etc.) and Baroque oboe, and modern oboe/english horn.

Robison researches a variety of Renaissance and Baroque topics, as well as intercultural composers of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries from the African, Asian, and Latin American continents. He has published articles in the Music Review, the RMA Research Chronicle, the Journal of the Lute Society of America, and Intercultural Music and is coauthor/editor of A Festschrift for Gamal Abdel-Rahim, published in Cairo by the Bi-national Egyptian/American Fulbright Commission.

He has participated in all nine conferences on new intercultural music sponsored by the Center for Intercultural Music Arts in England and Spain, as well as at conferences on modern African and Asian music in China, reading papers on Egyptian, Indian, Azeri, and Korean women composers. He presents papers regularly at meetings of the American Musicological Society and College Music Society and has hosted regional conferences of those organizations at USF.

Robison created a world music survey course (Folk and Traditional Music of World Cultures) and a course (Intercultural Composers of the Twentieth Century) that studies contemporary composers who have blended musical concepts from two or more cultures.

Robison earned his undergraduate degree at Oakland University, studying oboe, history and theory/composition. He received his Masters and Doctoral Degrees in Musicology and Performance Practice from Stanford University.