Brass: Trombone Studio

About Trombones at USF
The Trombone Studio consists of over twenty student trombonists at the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL. Under the tuteledge of Tom Brantley since 1999, students in the studio receive weekly private lessons, perform solo and chamber music ranging from classical, jazz and modern repertoire. Students have excellent opportunities to perform in any of several large ensembles as well. Prior faculty members included Don Kneeburg and Norman Bolter.
USF Symphony Orchestra - William Weidrich, conductor
The USF Symphony Orchestra requires a complete orchestral trombone section - two tenors and a bass. Some recent concerts have included Mahler's Symphony No. 1, Stravinsky's Petrushka, Bartok's Concerto for Orchestra, and Respighi's Pine di Roma. Auditions are held at the beginning of each fall and each spring term for positions for that term.

USF Wind Ensemble - John Carmichael, conductor
USF's premier wind band, this ensemble requires three tenors and one bass. The ensemble performs a mix of traditional wind band works and contemporary pieces composed specifically for wind ensemble medium. Auditions are held at the beginning of each fall and each spring term for positions for that term

Symphonic Band - Matthew Mccutchen, conductor
This ensemble is more of a traditional wind band setting performing mostly music written for band as well occasional transcriptions of orchestral works for band. The trombone section consists of 4 or more trombone students, depending on the needs of the repertoire scheduled for that term. Auditions are held at the beginning of each fall and each spring term for positions for that term.

USF Herd of Thunder Marching Band - Matthew Mccutchen, director
The USF Herd of Thunder Marching Band currently boasts an astounding 300+ member roster - including a very talented and fun-loving trombone section of around 30 members. Membership in this ensemble is optional; however, students offering their time and effort to the band recieve a health stipend to offset the
cost of tuition (in addition to Music Scholarships). The HOT Band performs at all USF Bulls Home football games, select away games, national bowl games. Members of HOT can also participate in Basketball Pep Band for additional stipends and performing experience.
Jazz Ensemble I - Tom Brantley, director
USF's premier Jazz ensemble generally uses 3 tenors and one bass. Auditions are held at the beginning of each fall and spring term. This ensemble records bi-annually in a professional studio, recording works primarily written/arranged by students who perform in the ensemble. Each year, the group performs in and around the Tampa Bay area in addition to concerts held at USF. In the summer of 2007, the ensemble toured Europe and performed at various jazz festivals in several countries. The band has hosted various guest artists including Wycliffe Gordon, Jiggs Whigham, John Fedchock, and Ray Anderson.
Jazz Ensemble II - The Deuce - Leon Slater, director
This ensemble generally uses 3 tenors and one bass. The auditions are held at the beginning of each fall and spring term. This band helps students nurture and improve fundamental and advanced jazz performing skills while serving as a feeder program for the top jazz ensemble. Like Jazz Ensemble I, The Deuce performs several concerts at USF and around the Tampa Bay Area annually.
Trombone Choir & Trombone Sextet - Tom Brantley, director
The USF Trombone Choir is USF's premiere classical trombone ensemble consisting of 7 tenors and 3 bass trombones. Placement in this ensemble is determined by results from major ensemble auditions each semester.

The Choir performs standard trombone choir repertoire as well as contemporary works. The ensemble has had the privlege of premiering several commissions composed specifically for the USF Trombone Choir.
The trombone sextet at USF serves as the university's second trombone ensemble. All students not selected to perform in the Choir perform in this equally outstanding group. The USF Trombone Sextet rehearses and performs traditional and contemporary works while helping instill and develop musical matuirty and advanced technical skills often found in the chamber music idiom.
Trombone Band - Keith Oshiro, director
This ensemble consists of the trombone section from Jazz Ensemble I, additional studio players, and includes a rhythm section. The trombone band plays from a special collection of works for trombones in this setting. This ensemble frequently performs at events both on and off campus.